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I am so excited to share Meg and Matt’s engagement session at Asbury Park! Meg and Matt met in August 2013, on the first night of their freshman year at Wagner College. They both lived on the 8th floor in the freshman dorm (affectionally known as “Crazy 8”!) and officially met that first night, sitting in a circle in the common room with their RA and fellow floor-mates, during a cheesy icebreaker. When Meg introduced herself and the town in New Jersey she was from, Matt immediately yelled out in front of everyone how much her high school “Sucks!” and they quickly learned they were high school rivals, growing up less than miles away from each other. They spent the next 2.5 years as close friends, growing closer as they both became campus leaders and Presidents of their respective fraternity/sorority. She became his fraternity “Sweetheart,” and he became her sorority’s, “Man Of The Year” three years in a row. Spring of their junior year, Matt finally escaped the friend zone and they took each other to their Greek life formals and the rest is history!

Their first official date was in April 2016, at a pizza place in lower Manhattan called L’Asso. Matt took the Staten Island ferry to the city to meet her after her internship at the American Ballet Theatre. Unfortunately, it has since closed down, but they are lucky enough to have plenty of NJ pizza options to help them reminisce with!

Meg and Matt had an engagement session at Asbury Park photographed by South Jersey wedding photographer, Susan Hennessey Photography. Engaged on 03/28/2019, the proposal from Meg: “In December of 2018, my family grew by 2 little girls when my mom, who had been fostering for years, adopted my two baby sisters out of foster care as a single mom. They were 3 and 4 at the time, and we celebrated by going to Disney over spring break, the 5 of us girls (me, my mom, my older biological sister, and the little ones.) Towards the end of our trip, we had a bit of a stressful day at the park and were on our way back to the hotel to relax before dinner. I was angrily pushing a stroller through throngs of people on Main Street in Magic Kingdom, tired, feeling like my feet were going to give out under me, and getting more frustrated by the minute trying to navigate the crowds, as anyone who has ever pushed a stroller through Disney can relate to! Out of nowhere I heard Matt’s voice yell, “Meggy!”. Matt has had a habit over the years of surprising me on my vacations, so my first reaction was that that was all this was, but I saw the crowd of people holding cameras behind him, and immediately knew what was happening! Proud to say I got engaged wearing Minnie mouse ears and a fanny pack!”

The proposal from Matt: “I knew the Disney trip was coming up for Meg and her family, so I knew that was the perfect time to do it. I had driven them to the airport, and they were going to Disney for 5 days. I decided to fly down on Day 4 of their trip with a fraternity brother of mine and a sorority sister of hers. I had coordinated with Meg’s mom, Patty, to schedule everything correctly and to bring Meg to the correct spot come the time. As we were waiting inside the park, some close childhood friends of mine were in Disney too so they came to wait as well, to watch the magical moment unfold. When man makes plans, God laughs of course because nothing ever plays out like a RomCom. Patty was supposed to bring Meg towards the entrance at the park after their scheduled lunch that should’ve been over by 11:30 actually ended at 12:30 due to a scheduling mistake at the restaurant. All the while, our college friends, my childhood friend and his family, and the crowd that had slowly been building were just waiting as their initial excitement, toward to boredom, which turned to pity. Lunch is over and Meg is on her way and I see her walking over and her face just reads “being in Disney for 4 days with 2 toddlers.” I call her over and propose, but after an hour of nerves eating at me which felt more like months, I end up forgetting the small, but sincere speech I had planned so I stumble but finally ask her to marry me! Not your fairytale proposal but the you have to look at the comedic moments of life and laugh because when you do that, the love will come in the end, which it did!”

Boardwalk photos at Engagement Session at Asbury ParkMeg and Matt are planning an easy-going, fun, and rustic Blue Heron Pines wedding. When they are not wedding planning, they enjoy hiking, cooking (but, mostly eating!), watching true crime shows, and making memories with Meg’s little sisters, whether that is exploring new playgrounds together, creating pillow forts, or playing intense games of hide and seek.

Once married, Matt’s dreams are to raise a family together with kids that they want to give the world to. Seeing Meg be an incredible mother is something he can’t wait for, and he can’t wait to be a Dad and bringing their kids up as Giants and Mets fans!

Meg’s dreams are to continue working together to make the world a better place through their respective careers and through raising kids together that are selfless and compassionate. She is excited about quiet moments as a family, like snacking their way through Sunday football, decorating the driveway with sidewalk chalk, and throwing the neighborhood’s best BBQs! She sees some traveling in their future, but they are both homebodies who love New Jersey and are most excited to just being a boring family at the end of the day!

Mural photos at Engagement Session at Asbury ParkAny advice for future couple’s planning?

In the midst of COVID uncertainty, I think starting your planning off with a plan A, B, C, and D will definitely help alleviate anxiety and make your planning go more smoothly.

And finally, what are you most looking forward to about your wedding day?

Matt’s answer: Just finally calling myself Meg’s husband and wearing my own ring to symbolize our marriage.

Meg’s answer: Getting to marry my best friend, and beating all of our guests in corn-hole!

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I hope you enjoyed Meg and Matt’s Engagement Session at Asbury Park, keep scrolling to view all my favorite images from their romantic Jersey Shore engagement session.

Engagement Session at Asbury Park on the boardwalkHappily engaged couple at Engagement Session at Asbury ParkEngaged couple in shades of blue at Engagement Session at Asbury ParkEngagement Session at Asbury Park, groom to be twirls bride to be. Engagement Session at Asbury Park with engaged couple sitting in front of muralEngagement Session at Asbury Park on the beachEngagement Session at Asbury Park with Convention Center in BackgroundEngagement Session at Asbury Park with a couple in shades of blue.Engagement Session at Asbury Park during golden hourEngagement Session at Asbury Park during sunsetEngagement Session at Asbury Park with couple walking on the beach during sunsetRomantic images from an Engagement Session at Asbury ParkAn engaged couple kiss in the water at their Engagement Session at Asbury ParkHappily engaged couple on the rocks at their Engagement Session at Asbury Park

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