Philadelphia Engagement Photographer | Courtney & Sunny

A couple of months ago, I was Courtney and Sunny’s Philadelphia engagement photographer when I photographed their adorable engagement session in Philly!

Courtney and Sunny met through mutual friends who had planned a ski trip. They had met a few times at group lunches, but it wasn’t until this ski trip that they really started to talk. Courtney had never skied before and Sunny decided to try snowboarding for the first time this trip, so the two of them were on the bunny hills together all day. At some point, after falling for hours, they both decided to sit inside by the fire and have a couple drinks. They wound up talking every day after that!

Neither Courtney nor Sunny called their first date a “first date” until the day after. On St. Patrick’s Day in 2011 they ordered Chinese takeout and went to a park near their work and then went to see a movie. Later that night, they decided to start dating after Courtney said “So, are we doing this?” and Sunny responded “Guess so!”. The next morning, they laughed about how “first date-y” their night before had been.

Philadelphia Engagement Photographer | Courtney & Sunny

Engaged on 3/27/17, the proposal from Courtney: “Sunny set up a dinner date for the two of us, which is not something he normally does, so I thought something was up. Right before we were supposed to leave to meet our reservation, he asked if I wanted to play a game of Bananagrams. I thought it was cutting it a bit close, but I agreed. He had the tiles laid out already and we started the game. I hadn’t even finished flipping over the tiles when he called out that he was done. I looked up and he had spelled out “Marry Me” in the tiles. Instead of an answer, I kept flipping over my tiles. And then I looked up at him and answered “You didn’t give me the tiles to spell out yes!”

When these two aren’t planning their September wedding at the College of Physicians of Philadelphia, they love to cook together – Sunny’s always in charge of the meat and Courtney is in charge of everything else. They love to try new restaurants and adventurous foods and are big fans of tasting menus. When they aren’t cooking or eating out, they really enjoy watching things that make them laugh – late night talk shows, cartoons and stand up. Once married, they have two goals they would love to accomplish – get a dog together and travel as much as they possibly can. Hopefully a dog will come soon after the wedding. They have been lucky to have already traveled to so many places together but hope to continue checking destinations off their long list of places to go to next!

Any advice for future bride’s planning?

Find multiple people who are interested in all your wedding planning updates and brainstorming ideas. You’re going to go through periods of wanting to talk through every idea that’s going through your head at a mile a minute, but spread it out among a few close friends. Not only will that help keep their enthusiasm up, but it’ll give you tons of perspectives and great ideas.

And finally, what are you most looking forward to about your wedding day?

We have so many different friend groups from different chapters in our lives, so we’re really excited to have everyone who’s important to us all together. Also, the wedding day means wedding planning is finally over!

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